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February 21, 2009

Long Time Walking…

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So I’ve been walking…attempted four times a week, but really three for a half marathon in March…my training takes up all my time, but I love it..there is something therapeutic about walking in the rain, wind, freezing cold…it’s quiet except for the hard core athletes…which I’m not. I love walking. That’s my reason for such a long absence from the blog although I hear that blogging is dying and twitter is where everyone types…so I might combine the two…

I’m currently drinking a cool cheap bottle of Snoqulmie Sav. Blanc. The crisp apricot tones complemented my Salmon dinner. Only $4.99 at my local Nugget Market. Good after a long day.


February 7, 2009

Trader Joe’s Albero 2007 Monastrell

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Albero 2007 Monastrell—So I was at the local Trader Joe’s and picked up Albero 2007 Monastrell….organically grown in Jumilla with cherry undertones…a bit acidic, but for the $5.99 price tag an okay purchase…..

January 30, 2009

Spanish Red tasting and cheese tasting on Superbowl Sunday

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The results of the upcoming Superbowl Sunday Spanish wine and cheese tasting will be posted promptly Sunday evening…Stay tuned for Spanish Spring suggestions…..

On another note…I would like to appologize for our blogger Ryan, he is pre-occupied with his recent graduation and new facebook account…he will join us in the wine world soon…..until then…..Ryan, please put the shot glass down after three…..


January 25, 2009

Dark berry, earthy and mysterious….Ribera Del Duero

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Two of my picks this week:

From the fabulous Taylor’s Market~Montebaco 2005, a deep purply red tempranillo with dark berry and earthy undertones. A very complex wine for hearty fare from Ribera Del Duero wine region in Spain.

From my local Raley’s market, Legaris 2003, another deep red earthy wine from Ribera Del Duero with notes of berry, tobacco and vanilla. The Legaris comes from an award winning winery and previously received 90 pts. in Wine Spectator.

Notes on the Region: The Ribera Del Duero is located in the middle of Northern Spain, below Bilbao and above the magical capital Madrid. This region produces around 68 million litres of wine annually from approximately 250 wineries.(monique)

January 20, 2009

Dear rest-of-the-world:

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So sorry about the last 8 years. But we are back baby

 and ready to do business!american-flag-2a   (ryan)

January 18, 2009

New blog partnership with The Blue Vein!!

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One bottle down is excited to announce their new partnership with cheese blogger Megan of The Blue Vein. This season we will be reviewing and pairing Spanish wine with Spanish cheese. There will be a First Annual Wine and Cheese pairing event during the Superbowl with possible live casting!!! Stay tuned!

You can find The Blue Vein at the following webaddress:
Happy Tastings! (monique)

January 17, 2009

By your command…

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Ellen Tigh?   really? Ellen fucking Tigh?!?!

Lame. I spit out my glass of Rioja when the final moments were played last night.(ryan)battlestar-galactica-cylon-centurion-11

January 13, 2009


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2514710680_b0eb35763bSo i just heard that California may, in fact, be issuing IOU’s instead of refunds this year for state income tax. To which i reply: WHAT THE FUCK ARNOLD?!? it was pretty shitty last November when you told me i couldn’t get married, but now you gotta go the extra mile and take my refund. I can’t believe i voted for you. the one and only time i voted republican. never again.

This week I sampled a Mourvedre wine from the Jumilla region in Spain(Juan Gil is the producer). It was a beautiful, purple, full bodied selection that left me very satisfied. Almost satisfied enough to forgive the governator. almost.  anyhow Mourvedre is a dark, musty grape that is usually used for blending; taken alone it can be a little intimidating, so this is definitely not a wine for novices. However, if you allow it, Mourvedre will take you to a quiet, haunted place: a graveyard at dawn, softly illuminated by the light of a northern sun yet still brimming with necromantic energy.(ryan)

January 11, 2009

Tempranillo ~ Ergo from Rioja

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photo-1Perfect accompaniment for your hearty winter meal. This dark purplish-red liquid is a fat blueberry of a wine. You can find Ergo on sale for $11.99 at your local Nugget Market this week. (monique)

January 10, 2009

New wine selection

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The new wine selection is up(see the “pages” column). We have selected Spanish reds. Enjoy!(ryan)photo_lg_spain

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