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March 3, 2009

Out of the gates…

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weinerdog1Ok wine fans, we are off! Club member Tristan(of Austin, Texas) sent in this review of  Gunderloch dry Riesling from the Rhein region in Germany. he describes it as “dry but still has that sweet beginning and tease, leading to a hint of smoothness before ultimately wallowing in acidity.”

I myself opened a half-bottle of Girbaldi Moscato from Italy. I have to say that it was way too sweet for my palate. To be fair, i stuck the bottle in the freezer for a quick chill and apparently left it in too long. When i removed it, the middle cylinder of the wine was frozen through. I thawed it for 20 minutes and then poured the slush into my class. Possibly this temperature snafu concentrated the sugars and left me with an overly sweet mess.  The wine had a little carbonation in it and this may have interfered with the freezing process?  So the point of all this was that i didn’t enjoy the wine, but it may be due to “user error”.

Anyhow, its still a great start to what promises to be a good month for wine. the race is on.


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